Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is designed to facilitate the holistic development of its children through high school graduation, with an emphasis on spiritual growth and maturity.  The Ministry has three components – Bible Bowl, Youth Service Ambassadors and Activities. 

Each year the congregation’s youth participate in the annual Bible Bowl competition on the campus of Tennessee Tech University. The event is sponsored by the Sycamore Church of Christ and is held on the Saturday following Labor Day.  The competition is on a book or books of the Bible selected by the appropriate committee.  Prior to the annual competition, Woodland Park hosts an area-wide event, which is formatted like the Sycamore Bible Bowl, on the third Saturday in August. 

Formed in 2016, the Youth Services Ambassadors (YSA) auxiliary provides internal and community service opportunities for our youth. Their service hours are documented and retained, and deserving youth are awarded with induction into YSA.

In addition to the Bible Bowl focus and YSA, the congregation’s youth are actively engaged in other activities throughout the year.   For example, Woodland Park’s youth present an annual Black History Month Program and a Juneteenth celebration.  Also, the Youth Ministry sponsors the annual picnic – a relaxing and uplifting fellowship occasioned by good food and fun games.  Finally, tutoring services afford opportunities for youth to improve their academic standing and performance.

Youth Service Ambassadors, Strengthening the Community
YSA is a youth-led ministry designed to spread the good news of God’s love through intentional community service. Youth of all ages participate in meeting Y.S.A.’s 3-fold mission:

1. To provide a structured and supportive way for church youth to actively design, organize and engage in community service.

2. To offer opportunities for church youth to see themselves as positive examples of change in the community.

3. To create spaces for church youth to develop necessary leadership skills. We believe these efforts are critical to guiding church youth towards a deeper and practical understanding of what it means to make faith effectual (Philemon 1:7; James 2:14-26). “I will show you my faith by my works.” (James 2:18)

The two videos below are from a day of service on Martin Luther King Day, 2017 which included sprucing up the grounds at Brown Elementary School in Birmingham on January 16, 2017 and building donation bags for the Give 100 project. The Give 100 project was a joint venture between the Community Action Ministry and Renasant Bank where turkeys and the fixings were given to 100 deserving families in the Birmingham Metropolitan area during the Thanksgiving holiday 2016. The pictures from row 2 to the end were taken during the luncheon that followed the first in-house service project on Saturday, March 4, 2017. The in-house service project entailed a “spring cleaning” in preparation for our upcoming Annual Third Sunday in March Fellowship (March 19), also known as our Friends and Family Day.

Click on the images MLK Day and Give 100 and select "Open" to view the videos.

MLK Day 2017 video


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